Mass slaughter of South Africa’s national bird

EVU-Blue crane

Blue Crane carcasses found on the Northern-Cape farm. The birds have allegedly been poisoned. Photo from: Diamond Fields Advertiser.

A well-known Northern-Cape farmer is allegedly responsible for the mass poisoning of South Africa’s national bird, the Blue Crane. Between 200-1000 blue cranes have been poisoned on his farm over the last three years.

According to IOL news, blue crane carcasses were first found on his farm in 2012, and it is believed the poisoning has continued until very recently. Continue reading

Dear Readers

I apologise for the lack of articles and posts over the last few months, but I have been extremely busy with work and haven’t had the time to write or post articles. Things have currently quietened down a bit and I hope I will be able to post lost of news and photos from now on!

Croc Battle at Kruger

This amazing set of photos was taken by nature photographer Jan Pienaar in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. The photographer who is also a guide and manager at Nzumba camp in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve took the photos close to the Mopani rest  camp, where he says he had witnessed the same behaviour the day before, but was unable to get any photos.

To view more of Jan Pienaar’s remarkable photos visit his website and his facebook page

Conservation Legend Ian Player Dies

Dr Player 1927-2014.                                                                                                         Photo from the Wilderness Foundation

The conservation world has lost one of its greatest heroes and it is with great sadness that we say good-bye to Dr Ian Player who passed away peacefully today at his home in South Africa. Continue reading

Leonardo Dicaprio- Green Warrior

This week’s UN summit on Climate Change was addressed by numerous world leaders, but it also included a speech by Wolf of Wall Street star, Leonardo Dicaprio. The star is an environmental activist and was recently appointed as Messenger of Peace by the UN. Dicaprio will use his new post of Messenger of Peace to raise awareness about climate change.

If you haven’t already heard his speech, you can watch it here.